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Douglas Scarboro is a man of strategy. He plotted his education and got the career on his radar. He devised a move to Memphis and found a place to make his mark. Now as the new head of the local branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, he employs strategic policies to help keep a complex economy working.
The Greater Memphis Chamber always celebrates growth in our community. As an added benefit to your membership, we offer our expertise and assistance in hosting grand opening and expansion ceremonies.  We are excited to see our members succeed and want to make sure they have the resources to do so. Today we introduce to you Expeditors, an international freight forwarder.
Nowadays, it’s rare for me to scroll through my newsfeed on any of the social media platforms I use and not be bombarded with images. Bombarded in a good way, though. I’m a visual learner, and according to, I’m clearly not alone. Research shows that 65 percent of other people prefer visual learning as well.
The multi-faceted Gibson Companies have long been fascinating to watch, and 2016 looks to hold even more developments. For 24 years, CEO J. W. Gibson has shown how to identify an unrealized market and then fill the need. He started in his mother’s house creating a medical supply company (Premier Group), then set up Southeast Regional Development Corp. to redevelop neighborhoods and later added Tec-Print to do printing of lottery tickets.
Once again we're looking to recognize ten emerging young professionals from Greater Memphis Chamber businesses who are taking ownership of this city, advancing in their career and want to see prosperity for all in Memphis. And we want YOU to nominate them.
Recently, a client asked for guidance regarding how to incorporate new employees into a workplace where employees have worked together for years and treat one another like family. Many of the employees in this company have spent years working side by side, attending each other’s weddings, watching each other’s kids grow up, and supporting one another through illnesses. The culture of this organization is one of the intangibles that creates employee loyalty and results in low employee turnover.
Ideas are amazing things. If you think about it, they are really the basis of everything. Every business or product that exists was spawned from an idea, and ongoing growth and innovation of those businesses and products are fueled by the continued generation of ideas. In the world of small business, idea generation is imperative for remaining relevant in a competitive marketplace. But, you may ask, “How do I come up with new ideas?”
To say the Greater Memphis Chamber recruits new business to town while promoting what’s great about the community is correct, but it doesn’t really tell the full story.
Member Bring It Food Hub is a non-profit local foods distributor in Memphis. Their mission is to promote community development in Memphis and the Mid-South by increasing access to healthy, affordable local foods and strengthening farmer livelihoods. They work closely with regional farmers who follow sustainable production practices and conserve natural resources and biodiversity.
No matter what industry your business serves, you, more than anyone else, know how you want people to use your website. Maybe you sell products, and your site primarily functions as an online store. Perhaps you are a consultant, and your site is the main way people find out how to get in touch with you.

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