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The old adage, “nothing happens until a sale is made,” couldn’t be truer. And for many a start-up, identifying a predictable, repeatable sales process that ensures needed sales targets are always met, can seem like the Holy Grail – enticing but ever illusive.

Trey Carter is big on focus, very big. 
His savvy about the local workforce and his ability to see the big picture while handling the immediate task at hand has made him a successful entrepreneur and a valuable member of the Greater Memphis Chamber. 
Eleven regional manufacturing companies opened their doors on Friday, October 2nd, to host over 500 students from Shelby County Schools and Fayette Academy to celebrate National Manufacturing Day 2015 (MFG Day 2015). The effort was coordinated by the Greater Memphis Chamber and its partners - The Workforce Investment Network (WIN), Greater Memphis Alliance for a Competitive Workforce (GMACW), Shelby County Schools, Fayette County and Durham School Services - with the goal to promote advanced manufacturing careers in the area and the educational opportunities to qualify for these jobs.
You frequently hear the phrase: “That’s what it’s all about.”  Usually it’s directed at meeting some significant challenge. What is it “all about” in small business? I can tell you: It must be easy!
The Greater Memphis Chamber Ambassadors serve as an active volunteer extension of the Chamber to cultivate, promote and maintain a positive relationship between the Chamber, its members and the community. This group serves as the official host for all Chamber events. They also provide information, mentorship and support for new members of the Chamber, as well as help promote the benefits of the organization to potential members.
Airika Wallace Gigas may be best equipped to sell Memphis to visitors because she once was one and “fell in love” with the city. Memphis left such an indelible impression that when the time for a career move came, she unhitched her life in Dallas and bolted for the Bluff City.
Did you know that you not only have your audience’s highest attention at the beginning of a presentation, but also at the end? I know when I see the conclusion slide or a proctor in the background motioning a speaker to wrap up, I tend to perk up and focus more on the speaker. As research shows, most people do the same. 
Next up on our tour of the Greater Memphis Chamber departments and the benefits they offer is Membership Development led by Senior Vice President Tom Rieger. This department works directly with you - our members - every day to make sure that you have access to all the resources I have listed in the posts above. If you have any questions or requests, they are quick to respond and connect you to the right person.
On Friday, September 18th, approximately 51 Shelby County School technical career teachers toured Arkansas State University’s Mid-South campus (ASU Mid-South) in West Memphis, Ark. For a District Learning Day to see the college’s nationally recognized dual enrollment programs.
The following is a feature from the previous issue of Memphis Crossroads MagazineClick here to view the full issue.

Anna Cardona likes to keep her finger on the pulse of her city, but there was a time when she thought about leaving home.

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