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In every issue of Memphis Crossroads Magazine, we highlight one special business that displays that entrepreneurial spirit that just shines from Memphis. In our Spring 2014 issue, Toby Sells spent some time with Clark Butcher and Robert Taylor who opened Victory Bicycle Studios in 2010. Despite some issues that set the business back a bit, they are now stronger than ever in a new location on Broad Avenue doing what they do best - and what they do best is cycling.

If you're a cyclist - avid or newbie, Victory Bicycle Studios can get you fitted with the gear you need. Once you're set, why not try one of these three trails that Butcher and Taylor promise will be worth the ride.
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In the Spring edition of Memphis Crossroads Magazine, we are highlighting seven women who are trailblazing their way through the Memphis business scene. While each has become successful following her own path, all of them would admit that they didn't travel those paths alone. Sometimes, when climbing the leadership mountain, it's good to know how to find footholds.
The Greater Memphis Chamber Staff and Ambassadors were happy to end their week with a nice treat from the new Baskin Robbins location on 1168 N. Houston Levee Road in Cordova, Tenn.  After the ribbon cutting celebration guests got to taste all of the many flavors of ice cream!

Owner, Risha Chopra, answered some questions about his new business in Cordova...
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Oh, the vision statement. You know what I’m talking about. That you-can-do-it statement painted on the break room wall that gets more coffee stains than attention.

If we’re going to be honest, usually that sentence is so jam-packed with marketing fluff that no one is even sure what it means, much less how it applies to the company. And don’t even get me started on how dreadfully long it is – if it gets any longer you’re going to need a bigger break room wall (and a nap). 

In order to clear up your vision, you need to clean up your language. Here are five business-babble words that you need to stop using right now.
Your Chamber At Work »
The Chamber’s Members-Only Welcome Area is more engaging than ever! We’ve just updated it, giving you an account dashboard with larger visual buttons, quick and easy access to account management, and easy-scrolling through upcoming Chamber events … and that’s just to name of the few of the upgrades.
The Greater Memphis Chamber Staff and Ambassadors were excited to join Dr. Dory Sellers for the grand opening of her new Dental Office located at 5341 Estate Office Drive, Suite 1, in Memphis, Tenn., on Monday, March 24, 2014.

Dr. Sellers answered a few questions about her practice and her plans for the future at her new location...
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We couldn’t be more excited for the start of April. April means springtime, beautiful weather and Memphis green spaces, but it also means we start taking nominations for the 2014 Young Memphians!

Each year we recognize ten young professionals who are taking flight in one of the Greater Memphis Chamber member businesses, and YOU get to nominate them. 
M Blog: Everything Memphis »
On April 16-18, the city of Memphis will host the Inaugural Neighborhood Regional Conference (NRC) with the theme “Healthy Communities - Redevelopment from the Inside-OUT.” Over 500 attendees from Arkansas to Florida will have the chance to hear about Memphis’ diverse neighborhoods and initiatives. 

So why should you attend?
M Blog: Everything Memphis »
The Greater Memphis Chamber would like to personally thank Bryan Jordan and the employees of First Tennessee Bank for 150 years of service to the Memphis business community. Not only have they been profoundly successful in all their efforts, but they have allowed that success to touch the lives of so many people ...
Small Business, Big Ideas »
One of the strategic initiatives used in the modern business world is the increasingly popular employee wellness plan. Healthcare costs continue to rise. Some of this is attributable to the health effects of near-epidemic level obesity and stress from our fast-paced lives. In response to this trend, many employers are bringing what was once considered “personal stuff” into the workplace. Employee wellness plans vary greatly and may include things as simple as offering perks to employees who participate in medical questionnaires, to more advanced offerings such as on-site smoking cessation classes, personal trainers, and company-sponsored health food catering.

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