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“There is not one person in Memphis who will not benefit from this plan.”

Guest writer Jon Sparks explains the newly-released Aerotropolis Master Plan and speaks with business professionals in the area to get their take on the plan.

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The following is an article from the Memphis Crossroads digital magazine. To view the full article and magazine, click here.

Troy Keeping is not really a suit and tie guy.

He said exactly that at lunch recently while he was wearing a suit and tie. But he explained that he had a television interview later and, as the president and general manager of Southland Park Gaming & Racing, he knew he needed to look the part. 

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You’ve been hearing a lot about workplace wellness programs and investing in the health of your employees from your friends at the Greater Memphis Chamber lately. Healthy employees not only boost company morale, they also increase your bottom line. And on an even bigger scale, the health of our city directly affects our economic future.

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The Greater Memphis Chamber Staff and Ambassadors were happy to join Elite Men’s Health for a ribbon cutting to celebrate their new site at 263 South Main Street. The new addition to Downtown Memphis answered a few questions about their business and what they plan to bring to the area:

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Editor’s Note: This is the first in a two-part series.
While email marketing may have lost a bit of luster given the instant gratification of social media, it’s alive and well and is one of several digital marketing channels businesses are spending significantly more on this year. Why? Because compared to social media marketing, email marketing is less time intensive and easier to measure, test, and optimize.

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As immigrants navigate the complex, emotional experience of becoming an American citizen, Rosalva King is there to help.

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Read Part 1 of our media and economic development trip to New York City here.

Business, basketball and bedroom furniture - that’s how I would sum up our second and most important day in New York City. The Chamber team - along with members of the Chairman’s Circle - traveled to the Big Apple as part of a strategic economic development plan to promote Memphis’ business assets and culture and recruit new jobs to the Memphis area.

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