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Douglas Scarboro is a man of strategy. He plotted his education and got the career on his radar. He devised a move to Memphis and found a place to make his mark. Now as the new head of the local branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, he employs strategic policies to help keep a complex economy working.

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The Greater Memphis Chamber always celebrates growth in our community. As an added benefit to your membership, we offer our expertise and assistance in hosting grand opening and expansion ceremonies.  We are excited to see our members succeed and want to make sure they have the resources to do so. Today we introduce to you Eagle Eye Talent, a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Company.

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Nowadays, it’s rare for me to scroll through my newsfeed on any of the social media platforms I use and not be bombarded with images. Bombarded in a good way, though. I’m a visual learner, and according to, I’m clearly not alone. Research shows that 65 percent of other people prefer visual learning as well.

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As immigrants navigate the complex, emotional experience of becoming an American citizen, Rosalva King is there to help.

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With April's Earth Day 30 Days Straight around the corner, we stopped by the Soulsville neighborhood to talk to Rebecca Hutchinson, Site Director for Soulsville, USA, about her community's cleanup efforts and how they are coming together to make Memphis Clean by 2019.

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Memphis Clean by 2019 and Clean Memphis Celebrate Earth Day 30 Days Straight

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