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The following is a feature from an issue of Memphis Crossroads digital magazine. Click here to view the original article or the full magazine.

All the right decisions were being made, and Tom Rieger wanted to be a part of it. And so he packed his bags and moved to Memphis, a place he believes is on the threshold of being “one of the greatest cities on Earth.”

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As an added benefit to your membership, the Chamber offers assistance in ribbon cutting and grand opening celebrations. We are happy to celebrate the opening of the Blues Hall of Fame and will continue to honor Memphis’ music heritage.

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According to the 2014-15 World at Work Salary Budget Survey, as in 2014, projected salary increases for 2015, for all industries, will be 3.0%. The study also reports that in 2014 between 96% and 100% of employees received an increase. The reported frequency between increases is 12.0 months. Survey participants reported that “High Performers” received a 4.0% increase.

From these statistics, we can conclude the following:

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As immigrants navigate the complex, emotional experience of becoming an American citizen, Rosalva King is there to help.

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The Greater Memphis Chamber is always looking for ways to help our members improve their bottom line. One of the ways we do this is by partnering with area businesses to save you money on products and services like shipping, healthcare and training. You can see a list of all our Affinity Partner programs here, but today we’d like to introduce you to our newest partner: Yuletide Office Solutions.

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New Partnership With Yuletide Office Solutions

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