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Nothing warms a business owner’s heart more than finding a way to save money and get better service. 
With that in mind, the Greater Memphis Chamber’s Affinity Program offers a package of first rate discounts exclusively for Chamber members. 

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The Greater Memphis Chamber always celebrates growth in our community. As an added benefit to your membership, we offer our expertise and assistance in hosting grand opening and expansion ceremonies.  We are excited to see our members succeed and want to make sure they have the resources to do so. Today we introduce to you Pyramid Stone, a one-stop shop for all kitchen and bath design needs.

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Having worked with many small businesses, it strikes me that many small business owners approach running their businesses like some small pet owners approach training. They figure their business is small. They don’t need a lot of big-company rules and bureaucratic processes. In fact, one reason you may have started your own business was to get away from the corporate mumbo-jumbo!

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As immigrants navigate the complex, emotional experience of becoming an American citizen, Rosalva King is there to help.

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As we work to build Memphis into an economic leader with global impact, it becomes crucial for us to address the health of our workforce. It’s no secret that Tennessee has room for improvement in this area, but not everyone understands how that unhealthiness affects our workplace environments.

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