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In late 2014, the Chamber adopted a battle cry – Memphis Clean by 2019 – to rid the city of trash and blight. What better time to get cleaned up than for the city’s 200th birthday? And what better motivation ­to tackle a problem that impacts not only the quality of life in neighborhoods but also the economic potential of a whole city?

Learn more about how these efforts are moving forward in four areas of Memphis - The Heights, Oak Ridge, Orange Mound, and Southeast Memphis.

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Premier Flowers is a boutique floral shop with beautiful designs for any occasion. Our products are fresh and remain fresh days after delivery. We believe and strive for quality in all fresh cut stems and blooms. Premier Flowers offers delivery in the Memphis and Metro and the surrounding areas. 

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Treat the commitments you make to yourself with as much respect as you do the commitments you make to others. Don’t think of your self-commitments as necessarily grandiose in importance. They can be as simple as eliminating soda from your diet or reading for at least 15 minutes each night. No matter the scale, your integrity is on the line when you don’t take those commitments seriously, because you no longer trust that you’ll keep your commitments anywhere in your life. This self-doubt creates a defeatist mentality, and that is death to a salesperson.

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As immigrants navigate the complex, emotional experience of becoming an American citizen, Rosalva King is there to help.

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We frequently receive questions from our members on how they can use their membership to better promote their business. And the best answer? The Members-Only Area.

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