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Getting a head start in the logistics industry

In about every high school in the U.S., one can find automotive, pre-med, computer and journalism programs.

But at least one Memphis non-profit is asking, “in a city dominated by the transportation and logistics industry, why not a logistics course?”

Memphis has a need for logistics talent and the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Memphis has developed an after school training program that aims to fill that need.

The program, based out of the organizations Technical Training Center, has provided 88 kids so far this year with the basic skills of supply chain management, receiving procedures and even hands on training and certification training on how to use a forklift and power jack.

“They get to go through all the basic skills,” says Richard Goughnour, instructor of the logistics program. “What this does is provide the kids an opportunity to have a real head up (on the logistics field.)”

Thanks to the program, participants get a big head start to landing a job in an industry with incredible demand.

According to a 2006 study by The Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy of The Brookings Institution, Memphis has the highest share of warehouse and transportation workforce among the top 100 U.S. cities.

Nearly 12 percent of the Bluff City workforce is employed by the transportation and warehouse industry, according to the study.

“(The program) really helped me a lot with all of the safety (rules),” said Darren Shervington, a high school senior and participant in the logistics program. “I already knew everything when I went into my job interview so I got to go in already with a lot of knowledge.”

Read more about Darren’s story and the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Memphis’ logistics program in next month’s issue of Memphis Crossroads.

-- Trey Heath
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