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On Saturday, March 7 the Greater Memphis Chamber will hold its 7th annual Move It Memphis 5k/10k. This race was intentionally created to promote healthy habits among our member companies, urging them to value the wellness and happiness of their employees.
I firmly believe the health of our city has a direct effect on the health of our economy. An unhealthy workforce increases burdens such as rising insurance claims and premiums, higher absenteeism and lower productivity. Simply put, unhealthy employees cost more.
While reports of the death of corporate websites have been exaggerated, there’s no denying that traditional sites are experiencing significant traffic declines.
WebTrends analyzed the number of unique visits to Fortune 100 websites. Sixty-eight percent of these sites experienced declines in unique visitors compared to the previous year with an average annual decline of over 20 percent. The study points to Facebook as a primary contributor. With more regularly updated content and greater opportunity for consumer engagement, the market is often electing your Facebook page over your brand website.
This morning the Greater Memphis Chamber Small Business Council launched its programming for 2015 with a breakfast on "doing business in Memphis." A group of expert panelists shared with our guests the benefits of receiving certification and what resources exist to alert small business owners on available contracts. 
Read Part 1 of our media and economic development trip to New York City here.

Business, basketball and bedroom furniture - that’s how I would sum up our second and most important day in New York City. The Chamber team - along with members of the Chairman’s Circle - traveled to the Big Apple as part of a strategic economic development plan to promote Memphis’ business assets and culture and recruit new jobs to the Memphis area.
Read Part 2 of our media and economic development trip to New York City here.

The Big Apple. Empire state of mind. The city that never sleeps. It’s the backdrop for your favorite sitcoms. The setting in your Monday night movie. The subject of the next song on the radio. I’ve read about it, heard about it and even talked about it, but I’ve never actually experienced it.

This week that all changed. The Greater Memphis Chamber team joined by members of our Chairman’s Circle and the Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau traveled to New York City to meet with national site selectors and media outlets. I’ll be providing updates here on the blog for the rest of the week, but you can also follow along live via our Twitter feed @MemphisChamber.
It can be really confusing when trying to sort out the details for bidding on government contracts and doing business with large corporations. One of the many questions, that stumps business owners is - Are you certified? Acronyms float around like 8A, RFP, RFQ, MBE, WBE, LSB, SBE, GoDBE, LOSB, and DBE. To make it even more challenging, not every government entity or corporation will accept the same type of certification. With so many different qualifications and certifying agencies, you may need some assistance. Primarily, you need to know which certifications will apply to your type of business and which ones will best benefit you in the bidding process.
The past twelve months have been full of exciting announcements, monumental changes and huge successes for the Greater Memphis Chamber and the city of Memphis. Through your investment and dedication, our team has worked to advocate on behalf of and promote the Memphis business community, allowing us to provide opportunities for all Memphians. 
It’s that time of year again—the time of year where you formulate your New Year’s resolutions and dream of making next year your best year yet. And let’s face it—most of you are hoping a healthier, fitter version of yourself resides somewhere in 2015. I know I am. 

Start making progress today by signing up for the 2015 Move it Memphis 10k on Saturday, March 7. With the tips and workout schedule below, you’ll quickly make strides toward your fitness goals. 
Troy Glasgow
The following is an excerpt from the Fall Issue of Memphis Crossroads. To see the original article or view the full magazine click here.

In recent months, Baptist Memorial Health Care brought on new leadership even as the health care industry is undergoing significant changes. Three of the newly appointed executives spoke about the challenges of maintaining a large corporation in a changing marketplace where attention to the individual and the community is paramount.
The Small Business Council of the Greater Memphis Chamber works tirelessly in our local community and is representative of the small business membership of the Chamber.  

Approximately 90 percent of the Chamber’s members have less than 100 employees. It is the mission of the Small Business Council to aid in addressing the needs of small businesses in greater Memphis. The vision of the Small Business Council is to serve as the advocate for small businesses by encouraging, supporting, recognizing, and being a resource that enriches business practices within our community.

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