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Small business owners are engaged in the “fight of a lifetime.” A big goal, of course, is to somehow get a lifetime out of your business. In an acronym, here is the important stuff I have learned that gets you there:  Ex.C.E.L.L.E.N.C.E.
In each Memphis Crossroads magazine, we highlight a Board of Advisor level member, showcasing their important role in the Chamber as well as the business community. Florence Hervey, CEO of Case Management, Inc., shares with us why her company is part of the Chamber as well as some benefits of doing business in Memphis.
This post is part of a series on Membership ROI. Click below to view previous posts:
1. Your Membership ROI 2. Attracting Jobs & Investment to Memphis

Last time I went into detail about our Economic Development team and the work they do to bring good jobs and investment to Memphis, helping us achieve our goal to grow the middle class and break the cycle of poverty in our community. However, I intentionally left out a key component of our ED team: Research.
Most Human Resources professionals dislike performance appraisals as much as every other manager, supervisor, and employee.  In a recent poll conducted by Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) only 2% of HR professionals gave their performance appraisal system an “A” grade.  They gave “B’s” and “C’s” 74% of the time.  The remaining 24% gave their systems a grade below “C”.  There are a lot of people looking for help on the subject of performance appraisal.  A query of Amazon produced 25,000 books on the subject “performance review”. 
The following is a feature in our spring issue of the Memphis Crossroads digital magazine. Click here to view the full magazine.

When Dudley Boyd says that “encouraging and supporting entrepreneurs is a noble cause,” he’s willing to back that up.

He even changed his company’s name to prove it: Enoble Business Capital
Partnering with a brand spokesperson is a strategy for giving a larger voice to your message and allowing the positive feelings the market has for that spokesperson to transfer over to your brand.
The following is a feature from our Memphis Crossroads Magazine. Click here to view the full issue.

She’d heard some trash talk about Memphis, and it wasn’t on her list of places to see. So when the plant manager’s job came open at DuPont Chemical Solutions Enterprises and was offered to her, Deborah McKitten was hesitant.  
The following is a feature in our Memphis Crossroads 10 to Watch Issue. To view the entire list of 10 to Watch Companies, click here.

MC Ionic Solutions US (MCIS US) will power up this year, building new business with new products to help scale up production at its Memphis facility. 
This is the second post in a series on Membership ROI. To view the first post in the series click here.

First stop on the Chamber 101 tour is the economic development department. Economic development is the Greater Memphis Chamber’s bread and butter. Bringing jobs and investment to Memphis is our priority and the way we break the cycle of poverty and grow the middle class. Memphis has lost population over the past twenty years and, worse yet, our middle class has shrunk even more. Therefore, all Chamber activities support our goal of growing the middle class through the retention and creation of good jobs. This is the only way our tax base will grow to provide capital for our schools, public safety, infrastructure and an improved quality of life for all.
The following is a feature from the Memphis Crossroads winter issue. To view the entire digital magazine, click here.

As Mauricio Calvo sees it, “if you’re working, you should be able to reach the American Dream.”

The Executive Director for Latino Memphis and new board member of the Greater Memphis Chamber has his work cut out for him. In endeavoring to boost the Hispanic community here, he keeps the numbers 4 and 40 at the forefront. The unemployment rate for Latinos in Memphis has been reported to be a remarkably low 4 percent, but 40 percent of the Latino population live in poverty. “When you look at the very low unemployment rate and the very high number in poverty,” he said, “you can’t help but ask what’s wrong here.”

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