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Recently, I watched a TED Talk by Rita Pierson, a teacher who talked about the challenges and benefits of building relationships with students in order to motivate them to achieve academic success. The message was very powerful.

In business, leaders face the same challenges. A leader without followers is like the Texan who wears a big Stetson but has no cattle or oil wells to support his claim of prominence – “Big Hat No Cattle!” Gaining followers depends on relationships, which, to a large extent, is a function of trust. How do we gain or lose the trust of followers?
The following is an feature from the Memphis Crossroads digital magazine. We interviewed individuals representing three different industries on the value of Memphis water to business. To read the full feature on Memphis water, click here

When you stand atop an 800-year old supply of the world’s purest water, the gains translate into more than just cost-savings for prospective companies. An abundance of quality water provides industries with opportunities for greater economics, less maintenance, reduced waste, improved products and increased safety. Example after example can be cited on how each industry benefits from Memphis water, but in the interest of time and space, here is one of three: 
The JOC Inland Distribution Conference is the must-attend conference for retailers, manufacturers and other companies that utilize trucking, intermodal and seaports and need strategies to manage tight trucking capacity and rising prices associated with today's challenging transportation landscape. The conference typically attracts 400 logistics professionals. 
As an added benefit to your membership, the Chamber offers assistance in ribbon cutting and grand opening celebrations. We are always excited to see our members grow and expand and want to make sure that they have the resources to do so. That's why we're particularly excited to share with you today about Ray Rico Freelance and their recent expansion.
The Greater Memphis Chamber joins Shelby County citizens and businesses to participate in national Attendance Awareness Month. Currently, too many of our students are missing too much school. In fact, 22,000 students were chronically absent last year in Shelby County, causing them to fall behind academically, exacerbating achievement gaps and dropout rates.
Roughly 75 million strong, millennials are on a course to soon surpass their baby boomer parents as our nation’s largest living generation. This generation, also known as Gen Y, was born between 1981 and the early 2000s, and they are beginning to wield great influence in their professional roles.
True leadership is a missing link in most small businesses in my 44 years of working with businesses of all sizes and industries. And, yes many things have changed during those 44 years of observing other business leaders first hand and running my own business.
Like economic and workforce development, public policy is a crucial pillar in our work to create economic growth for all by breaking the cycle of poverty and increasing the number of middle class jobs. If we are going to grow our tax base, we have to attract good companies with good paying jobs. To do this we need a fiscally sound city with a stable tax rate and leaders who make prudent decisions to move the city forward.
The following is a feature from an issue of our Memphis Crossroads digital magazine. Click here to view the full magazine.

When 26-year-old Jordan Jackson left Los Angeles for Memphis about 18 months ago, she walked right into open arms. Having been raised in Wynne, Arkansas, she was aware of Memphis’ friendly reputation. But only when she arrived did Jackson discover exactly how important the welcoming spirit of the Bluff City would be to the tempo of her life.
We work every day to brainstorm, develop and pitch story ideas to media outlets for nearly all of our clients. It’s a valued PR tactic that benefits clients tremendously when executed properly. We also conduct media training for clients to prepare them for interviews when needed. 

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