Minority Resources

Minority Business Resources

There are Memphis-area organizations dedicated to growing and sustaining minority- and women- owned businesses. Click here for a complete list of local and state programs designed to help small businesses.

Local, State and National Minority Business Associations

Black Business Association

As the largest trade association of its type in the Mid-South, the Black Business Association works directly with minority and women owned businesses to provide entrepreneurial education, advocacy and business development opportunities.

Business Enterprise Resource Office

The Business Enterprise Resource Office (BERO) provides technical, financial and management information assistance to small, minority and women owned businesses. BERO’s main office is located in Nashville with regional offices in Memphis and Knoxville.


The EPIcenter is an organization that will serve as the single front door and single point of accountability for entrepreneurs in Memphis. The EPIcenter will assist any entrepreneur starting a business, but will focus on Memphis’ existing economic strengths: logistics and emerging technologies, healthcare and bioscience, as well as the information and software technology that enables those sectors.

Memphis Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

The Memphis Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization serving the Mid-South that works to ensure the participation of Hispanics in the economic and political development of the region by empowering eisting and future Hispanic business owners.

Mid South Minority Business Continuum

The Mid-South Minority Business Continuum, Inc. proactively develops a climate of inclusion where business to business relationships and staff facilitated developmental programs fosters increased growth and success of small minority businesses.

National Association of Women Business Owners

NAWBO was organized more than three decades ago with the goal of securing equal rights and opportunities for women entrepreneurs. Today, NAWBO is the voice for more than 10 million women-owned businesses across all industries and every corner of the United States.

SBA Emerging 200 Initiative

The goal of the SBA Emerging 200 initiative is to identify 200 inner-city businesses across the country that show a high potential for growth—and to provide them the network, resources and motivation required to build a sustainable business of size and scale within a designated inner-city geographic location.

Contracting Opportunities

Many small businesses offer goods and services that are beneficial to other businesses, non-profits and the government. Click here to see a sample list of business to business and government procurement programs available.

Business Owners with Disabilities

There are more opportunities than ever for individuals with disabilities to start their own businesses. Those who are deaf, blind, paralyzed or dealing with other types of disabilities can reach out to government programs, support nonprofits and organizations, scholarship and grant foundations and more. Click here for programs that boost the likelihood of success and give people with a disability and a plan the start they need.