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One of the most attractive features of life in Memphis is the area’s remarkably low cost of living. From the price of a steak to the cost energy for a home, daily life in Memphis simply takes a smaller bite out of one’s disposable income. Add to this the fact that Tennessee is one of the lowest-taxed states per capita in the nation.

Memphis has, in other words, all the amenities that come with being the 20th-largest city in the U.S. but with a cost of living nearly 14% below the national average. For the majority of newcomers, that means more money for travel, leisure and hobbies, or putting away for a rainy day.

Did you know:

  • Memphis ranks as one of the Least Expensive Urban Areas on's Cost of Living Index.
  • Memphis ranked 7th in the nation for tax burden by 24/7Wall St. After all, lifestyle is not about what you earn but what you keep.
  • Tennessee has the nation's 3rd-lowest total tax burden (SOURCE: Tax Foundation, 2013 |
  • In 2013, Memphis ranked 7th on CBS Money Watch's list for "Top 10 cheapest U.S. Cities to rent an apartment" list. 
  • Forbes recognized Memphis as America’s second most affordable city when surveying the 100 largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas in the country in March 2014.
  • Memphis ranked 10th on Fortune's 2011 "10 Best Cities for Home Buyers" list.
  • The Memphis metro market ranked as the 4th best market to buy a home in 2011 by mortgage industry research firm Clear Capital.
  • The Memphis housing market ranked 2nd for housing prices on Moody's  "Best Markets for 2010" list
  • In 2011, Memphis ranked third in the nation on Coldwell Banker Real Estate’s “Most Affordable College Towns” study.
  • Investopia listed Memphis as one of the “The Most Affordable Cities to Live In” in 2011.

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